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Thursday, May 23, 2013


1. The Citadella 2. A former fortress on the GELLÉRT HILL 3. The fortress was built in 1851 by Julius Jacob von Haynau, a commander of the Habsburg Monarchy, and designed by Emánuel Zita and Ferenc Kasselik, after the Hungarian Revolution of 1848 4. The fortress is U-shaped, built around a central courtyard. It is 220 metres long, 60 meters wide and 4 meters tall. 5. It is a great place to see the whole of the city, also it is a popular meeting place for the youth. 6. I hadn't nor seen nor heard about the Citadella before. 7. The Citadella really made a huge impression for me. The night view of the city, seen from the Citadella hill was very spectacular.

Liberty square
The liberty square is one of the most beautiful squares in Budapest. It’s situated in 1054 Budapest, Hungry.
Szabadság tér has one of the loveliest parks in downtown Budapest. The square is surrounded by some beautiful and significant buildings, including the U.S. Embassy. Opposite the Embassy is the former Stock Exchange, home to the Hungarian Public Television (MTV) for decades. The building was recently sold, MTV moved to a new location, and according to plans it will be converted to a shopping or a residential complex. The Hungarian National Bank, the central bank of Hungary (founded in 1924), is also located here.
Szabadság tér, a calm green spot in the middle of the city, is also a favourite with kids, as there are two playgrounds and a fountain on the side of the park.
It’s a green part in the middle of the city, and I think this is the important thing, restock the green zones in big cities.
by Joel Filter

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


SZABÓ-SZAMOS MARZIPAN MUSEUM. This museum is located in Szentendre city, Hungary.  In this museum you can fiind a lot of statues of famous people, like Michael Jackson, Princess Diana, also scenes from Disney films, such as 101 Dalmatians and Micky Mouse.

 All these things are made out of marzipan, and information is provided, telling how much time was spend doing it and how much the statue weights. You can even watch how marzipan cakes or candies are made. Also you can buy tasty marzipan sweets which are smaller duplicates of the statues in the museum.

St. Stephen's Basilica

1. St. Stephen's Basilica,  Budapest - Lipótváros,  Hungary.
2. The Roman Catholic basilica.
3.  St. Stephen's Basilica  was built between 1851 and 1905. It was completed by József Kauser, according to the plans of Miklós Ybl.
4. The architectural style is Neo-Classical. The facade is anchored by two large bell towers.  In the southern tower is Hungary's biggest bell, weighing over 9 tones.
5.  Now here is a place for praying. Also Stephen Basilica has played an active role in the musical community since its consecration in 1905. The head organists of the church have always been very highly regarded musicians. In the past century the Basilica has been home to choral music, classical music as well as contemporary musical performances.
6. This is a standard European Cathedral, but it looks very impressive and majestically.
7. It is a gorgeous church.  Beautiful sculptures and amazing art works. Walking in this basilica looking at the beautiful interior, I had a feeling of getting in touch with all the people who have been here before me.

                                                                  Saulius Brazauskas

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Almond Budapest

    Citadel (Citadella) is a fortress. When you get on the top of it you can see 8 bridges over the river Dunabe and a stunning panoramic view.
    There stands the Liberty Statue on the Gellert Hill. It was erected in 1947 to remind of Soviet Occupants of World War II. The monument is 40 metres tall and the statue is made of bronze. It holds a palm leave in her hands.
    I fell in love with the view from the hill at night – these glowing bridges took my breath away. 

    Marzipan Museum in Budapest is a MUST for you to see. Come and see celebrities from all over the world and heroes from fairytales. 
    Would you like to take a photo of a sweet Michael Jackson or Princess Diana? You don’t need to rush to Madame Tusseuds. Everything can be found in here from Mickey Mouse to a dining table, from statue to the Parliament House.
    You would never believe what they can make from almond and sugar!

Donata Telišauskaitė

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Liberty Bridge

1-2. The Liberty Bridge

The Szabadság híd or Liberty Bridge (sometimes Freedom Bridge) in Budapest, connects Buda and Pest across the River Danube where the greatest coverd market of the city and the hotel Géllert are.

3. It was inaugurated in 1896, in the occasion  of the Millennium of Hungary. Originally the bridge was devoted to the Emperor Franz Joseph. It was also rebuilt in 1946.

4-5. It is made up of an elegant iron stucture in Art Nouveau style. It is considered one of the most beautiful bridges in the world. At the two extremities of the bridge two big portals are found and on the towers are portrayed the Turuls (Hungarian mythological falcon-like birds).
It is 333.6 m long and 20.1 m wide.

6-7. Besides the Liberty Bridge in Budapest there are other six bridges. Every bridge is different from the others. I was struck by the appearence of the bridge at night. It comes completely illuminated and in this way it creates a suggestive atmosphere and a wonderful view.

Carlotta Zagaria

1.   Chain Bridge, Budapest
2.   Suspension Bridge
3.   The construction started in 1840 and finished in 1849.
4.   The decorations are made of cast iron, and the structure is elegant.
5.   The bridge unites both parts of Budapest: Buda and Pest, west and east.
6.   Such a beautiful and elegant bridge.
7.   This bridge is very famous around the world; also it has so much history. The views from the bridge at night are breathtaking, it was magic.

Aitana Crespo

1.   Matthias Church

2.   Church
3.   First was build in the 1015 but the construction was changed in the second half of the 14th century, but reconstructed in the 19th century.
4.   Is a Gothic church with diamonds and different coloured pieces on the roof. Also there are gargoyles.
5.   Religious ceremonies and cultural tourism.
6.   Very beautiful roof, I have never seen any like this before.
7.   I did not get in there, but the views next to the church were very beautiful.

Aitana Crespo

Monday, May 13, 2013


1. Danube river, Budapest, Hungary

2-3. Danube is a big river which flows from west to east. It is 2850km long and flows through 10 fifferent countries and 4 capitals(including Budapest) and ends in Romania where it flows in to the Black sea. It separates Budapest in two parts: Buda and Pest.

4-5. Together with the bridges Danube dominates the view of Budapest and makes the look of the city very beautiful and unik.

6-7. I knew Danube before I went to Budapest. I liked alot the the fantastic view of Danube and its bridges. Especially at the night view of the river was amazing.

//Aleksi Tiuraniemi

Margaret Island (Budapest)

1-3. The Margaret island is a 2,5km long and 500m wide island in the middle of Danube in central Budapest. Since the 1980s, entry by cars has been limited; only service traffic and a single bus line and taxis are allowed.

4. Margaret island is a beautiful island. It is mostly covered with landscape parks and sports fields.

5. It is a popular recreational area. There are a lot of people jogging or just walking on the island. There is a 5350 meters long, rubber-coated jogging track around the island, marked at 500 meter intervals. There are also many sports fields where people can play tennis, football, swim etc. There were also many restaurants and ice cream stalls.

6-7. It felt like a nice place to do sports or eat. It were completely new to me and very attractive place.

//Aleksi Tiuraniemi

Visegrád Castle

1.-3. Visegrád is a small castle town in Pest Country, Hungary. Visegrád Castle located on top of the mountain. Visegrád Castle has been mentioned in books already in 1009. The fortless consist of Upper Castle and Lower Castle wich are connected with stonewall.

4.-7. Visegrád Castle is a very beautiful place to visit. You can feel the Castle's history all around you. The Visegrád Castle's walls are sturdy, builded by rocks. Visegrád is a great place to visit if you want to know more about Hungary's history. This visit to Visegrád was my first one, but definitely not the last one. The place with it's beautiful views made such a huge impress to me.

Noora Kalliokoski

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Mammut mall (Budapest)

1. Shopping center Mammut in Budapest.

2.-3. Opened its gates in 1998. A new wing of the shopping and entertainment center, was opened to the general public in 2001. a total area of 103 thousand square meters and containing more than 330 shops on an area of almost 58,000 square meters, receives 35-40 thousand visitors daily.

4. Very modern building, with a lot of glass detailing and mammut statues outside the construction.

5. People go there to do their shopping, quickly attent to do their affairs and to relax and have a good time.

6.-7. It was new to me and I found it very big and it was a beautiful place. I felt excited when I entered it.

//Ella Barkar

Thursday, May 2, 2013

The night view of Citadella

1-2 The night view of Citadella, on the Gellert mount, in Buda side

3-It’s a fantastic view of Budapest

4-5 I was impressed by the view when some guys brought me there!!

6-7 I really liked the view of the city, of the river and of the bridges. All the photos that I took will be very important for me: they will remind me of that place forever!!

7- When the guys brought me there and I was watching the city I thought that the view is the most beautiful that I ever saw.
   Noemi Maurici

The statue of Saint Gellert

1-2. The statue of Saint Gellert, the 11th century bishop who tried to convert the Magyars to Christianity, stands on the northeast slope of Gellert hill, and was erected in 1904. The author is a sculptor called Gyula Jankovits.

3. This suggestive statue is framed by a neoclassical semi-circular colonnade. The twelve meter tall (39ft) statue shows Gellért victoriously holding aloft a crucifix. At his feet a wild-looking Magyar looks up towards the bishop as if standing in awe. Below the sculpture sits a pretty man-made waterfall.

4-5. I just liked the statue as I passed while I was on a  cruise on the Danube

6-7. I can see that I was very impressed by all the monuments of the city, particularly by the ones which represent the most famous figures of the Hungarian History.

Elisa Casagrande

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Liberty Statue

1.-2. Liberty statue is a monument on the Gellért Hill. This statue honours those who dedicated their lives for the independence of Hungary.
3.-4. Liberty statue was first erected in 1947 in remembrance of the Soviet occupation of Hungary during World War II which ended the occupation 
by Nazi Germany. The bronze statue holds a palm leaf, stands atop a 26 m pedestal and is 14 m tall.                                                                             5. Liberty statue is very popular sight among the turists. People climb on the Gellért Hill and admire this beautiful statue.                                                                                6.-7. I had'n heard about this Liberty statue before but it impressed me with its massive essence.

Noora Kalliokoski