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Monday, May 12, 2014


1.Sant Pietro in the Vatican City.
2.Basilica and town where the Pope lives.
3.The Vatican City, officially the State of Vatican City is the smallest country in the world. It has 900 inhabitants and was built in 1929.
4.In the Vatican there is a lot of Catholic artwork. Also in the church we can find Popes exposed. Michelangelo made ​​the arch of the Sistine Chapel.
5.The Vatican is where the Pope lives. The Vatican City is also home to the Holy See, highest institution of the Catholic Church. The highest authority of the Vatican and boss of the state is the high priest, and may be is the only theocracy in Europe.
6.There is no similar construction in Spain. The Vatican is a beautiful and elegant structure that contains many details and monuments.
7.I liked it because it was something I had always seen on TV but I had never been there. When I saw it I felt so smaller in front of its huge monument and columns. The best was to see exposed the Pope Joan XXIII, which gives name to my school in Spain. 

Judith Pérez Cazalilla

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