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Friday, May 9, 2014

We had a great journey to Italy. The airplane landed in Rome at 10 o'clock pm. We were the first who have arrived to Italy, so we could meet our hosts on Monday. The other participants arrived only on Tuesday. Every day we went to school but on Tuesday we also had some lessons. After 5 lessons we had free time with the host family, and in the evening we went out together. The big welcome event was on Wednesday in the school, later on we were separated in groups and spoke about environmental, economic problems in our countries. We had a surprise  from the Italian students, they danced  in front of the school. A On Thursday we played volleyball in mixed groups. After that every country showed their presentations and filled a test about So Eco Green meetings. On the next day the whole group went to Rome,where we  admired the most famous tourist attractions,for example we have seen the St Peter Cathedral, the Pantheon, Colosseo, Altare della Patria. We tried and enjoyed  traditional Italian ice cream. During the week we ate pizza several times, it was very delicious. We tried out other Italian foods too, such as lasagne, tortellini, and  Carbonara spaghetti. The atmosphere of the project was very good and we could meet our friends from the other countries. I really enjoyed this week and I hope that I can take part in similar projects like this in the future.

Róbert Brunczvik

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